LINSPEC is a software that uses the CBICriticality Based Inspection” methodology which helps users to improve inspection programs for chemical, oil, gas and petrochemical sites. It complies with DMTP 32510 requirements for recognised inspection services (French Regulations). An RBI (Risk Based Inspection) methodology can be set up based on DT32 DT84 or API581.

LINSPEC includes a “Regulations” module that adapts to any country’s legislation and indicates the particular regulation that each piece of equipment must comply with.

LINSPEC is now configured for France, Belgium and Brazil.


LINSPEC is divided into modules, enabling to manage regulated equipment.

Criticality Study
Following the RBI principles, set up parameters that will change the periodicity of control actions.

Edit inspection plans based on data entered in the software, for containers, vats, tanks and pipes.


The inspection service at YARA Le Havre obtained SIR recognition for 3 years in July 2014. Inspection service manager Mr Ono-dit-Bio sent us the following email to tell us of this excellent result.

Thanks to your involvement and professionalism, we were able to convince the DREAL of our ability to recover our core business. The past 2 years were very heavy (LINSPEC, corrosion studies, PMII, preparation for shutdown, Inspection Plans, etc.) but the work done bore fruit. Thank you for your help in this success, including any of your staff not present at the site (or not included in my email), but who participated in these projects.
Cordially yours,

Pascal Ono-dit-Biot
Inspection Manager


Fin du salon ESOPE 2016

Le salon ESOPE 2016 a pris fin le 15 septembre. L’équipe LINSPEC  fut présente sur

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